About Us

For over 20 years we have designed, hosted, and worked on small business websites. We have helped others launch entire businesses and launched several of our own. We hope to understand your wants and needs and to bring to life a website that speaks to your audience (and Google algorithms).

Hi There! We are RHWebsites, Located in the Great City of Rochester Hills in the great state of Michigan in the Great Country of the United States of America. Contact us today to get a great website.

Are you a veteran? Are you a senior? Ask for your discount!

Need a website tomorrow? Contact us today. Ask for express service.


Uptime. Our websites use the latest hardware including SSD to deliver fast and reliable speeds.

Really Fast?

Really really really fast. That’s how fast our websites load. (Because part of getting a good google rank depends on a fast website load speed)

We build awesome websites

Example sites, tell us what you want and we will build it.

Great Attention To Detail

We Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Design Of Websites

Does your website sell? Does it deliver? Does it make you money? How does it compare to your competition? Let us evaluate your current website and give you a detailed report.

About - Rochester Hills Websites & Small Business Coaching
About - Rochester Hills Websites & Small Business Coaching

We are Specialized In The Management Of Websites & Small Business Projects

Our Business Coaching is perfect for any new business or one looking to grow. Adding us to your business automatically adds years of real life knowledge. Topics we can discuss:
*Business Structures: DBA vs LLC vs S Corp vs Trust Owned LLC
*Funding: SBA vs Bank vs Other Options
*Location: We know the best areas in metro Detroit and across all of Michigan.
*Naming Your Business: Considerations of Psychology and basic business principles
*Pricing: The human thought process on prices and applying basic business principles.
*Any topic relating to small business…

All business websites include our 3xSEO service. We target SEO with a 3 way advantage. 1. Rocket SEO, 2. Drip SEO, and 3. On Page SEO. This service is perfect for most local businesses, local projects, or personal websites to start appearing top in search engines like Google. If your business has A LOT of competition or targets multiple cities, like a lawyer or plumber, we may need to add a advanced SEO services to your account and/or continue with 3xSEO.

We are Experienced in Small Business Websites & SEO.

A good website is a investment. Once established as a top placing website/domain for organic search in google for your profession and area, example: “Rochester Plumber”, it’s very easy to stay at the top. Getting there is the investment part. We will help you get to the top and help you stay there. Contact us today.

We make owning websites easy for anyone.

We take care of all the technical aspects of website ownership. Your websites with us will look good, load fast, perform top for google, and help win you clients. We can even teach you how to update your own website pages for a blog or newsletter. If you ever have any website wants, needs, or issues just call or email us.